All my training in the arts has been in literature and poetry. I received my undergraduate education in Antioch and Guilford colleges, and I have an MA in English from the University of Iowa and an MFA from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. I was an English professor for ten years.

I am largely self-taught in photography. I had my first, rudimentary darkroom at age thirteen, and I photographed avidly through my young adult years. I followed the fashion of 20th Century Modernist photography by searching for the luminous. As Minor White expressed it, I photographed “things for what they are and what else they are.” In my mid-thirties I became disenchanted with such fussy art and stopped shooting for twenty-five years.

I returned to photography looking for mystery and power, a robust art that ignores trivial detail and reaches for the muscular dominance of meaning over form. I turned to intuitive photographers like Louis Gonzalez Palma, Sally Mann, and Josephine Sacabo. They and others showed the path I follow today.